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Kobra Paige Makes A Sizzling Statement With Her New Track/Video, “HOTT”

jtpao 05/03/2024


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Kobra Paige Makes A Sizzling Statement With Her New Track/Video, “HOTT”

Holy thundering backflipping tap-dancing Odin. Kobra Paige has just released an absolute banger of a track with some great lyrics. And it’s a pretty bold direction for her. But before we get into that… lets talk the internet.

Social media. It’s a double-edged sword, isn’t it? A boon for artists, allowing them to connect with audiences on an unprecedented scale, yet simultaneously a breeding ground for negativity and insecurity. The way it warps our perceptions is insidious.

One minute you’re scrolling through your feed, the next you’re inundated with a relentless barrage of negativity, or something that just might hurt your feelings. Political discourse devolves into polarized shouting matches, while carefully crafted highlight reels showcasing unrealistic portrayals of perfect lives and bodies flood our screens. This constant bombardment can take a toll on our mental wellbeing.

The Toll of Negativity

The endless stream of negativity is a double whammy. First, it fuels anxiety and division. We’re bombarded with sensationalized news stories that stoke outrage and fear, and targeted attacks that pit us against each other. Second, it chips away at our self-esteem.

Those carefully curated highlight reels, showcasing unrealistic portrayals of perfect lives and bodies, really give a distorted picture of reality. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to these meticulously crafted facades, leaving us feeling like we don’t measure up, like our own lives pale in comparison. Social media can exacerbate feelings of inadequacy, isolation, and depression.

Beyond the Broadcasts: Social Media’s Personal Sting

And then there can be the more personal side of things. Social media can hit you with moments of unexpected hurt, even over simple things. Seeing photos of friends having a blast at an outing you weren’t invited to can be a real gut punch, messing with your head and your sense of belonging.

It’s easy to forget that social media is often a carefully constructed illusion. Those fitness influencers with flawless physiques? They’ve likely scrolled through a thousand photos to find that one perfect shot. That epic vacation someone’s sharing photos of – all that beautiful turquoise water and sandy beach? It could be their only getaway for the whole year.

Those flashy gator boots with the pimped out Gucci suit? (yes, it’s 2024 and I’m quoting Big Tymers) might be the only nice things in their closet. And those political pundits spewing hate? They’re playing a part, because negativity sells and their wallets get thick.

Sometimes, those missed invites, those moments of feeling excluded, have simple explanations. Maybe the outing was last minute, or there just wasn’t enough space. Maybe your friend thought you were busy, or a simple miscommunication left you out of the loop. It’s natural to feel hurt, but it’s important to remember that what we see online isn’t the full story.

The Artist’s Struggle

As a musician, you put your heart and soul into your craft. You connect with fans, build a following, you are a literal rockstar. But inevitably, the metal boomer battalion comes knocking – those trolls spewing negativity and tearing you down in the comments section.

It’s totally fine to dislike something, to have different tastes, but the relentless hate and harassment is ridiculous. Trashing someone else won’t miraculously make some obscure Norwegian band from four decades ago sound any different. (No disrespect to those classic black metal Norwegian bands – their music rocks too.) And this too, can have an impact on the metal health of bands.

Kobra Paige: A Voice of Rebellion

Kobra is incredibly outspoken and addresses many these issues head-on. Today, she’s doing it in a powerful way with the release of, “HOTT”. If you spend any time on social media, and unless all of your suggestions in your for you feed is nothing but cat videos, chances are you’ve also felt the sting of all that negativity. That’s precisely why this new track deserves your ears.

Now, Kobra has released two versions of “HOTT” – the original and a radio-friendly edit. You can probably guess which one I’ll be diving into. Kobra’s built a reputation for channeling that classic heavy metal vibe, mixing in influences from the genre’s legendary female pioneers. She infuses her music with a modern edge, creating a sound that’s respectful of the past and fiercely forward moving.

But with this track, we see a different side of her, a bold new direction. Is this a complete departure from her signature sound? Or is it an evolution, a fresh take on the Kobra Paige we know and love? I say, it’s a bit of both.

Things Are Heating Up

This track hits you with a strong electronic vibe, but it’s pure rock ‘n’ roll at its heart. Kobra’s vocals kick in with a sultry, carefree attitude, each line packed with a punch, layered over some wicked distortion effects. But then, she flips the script, delivering a super catchy pop like hook that takes the song on a detour, a sugary detour a that. Kobra doesn’t linger in that territory for long. She dives back into that raw, gritty energy, reminding us that this is still a rock and roll anthem at its core.

This dynamic shift is relly great I feel. Those moments of pop sweetness, unexpected bursts of sugary goodness, mixed against the full-on rock rawness create a cool push and pull that kept me hooked. Soaring through euphoria one moment and then diving headfirst into electrifying grit the next. And Kobra’s delivery of the lines, are amazing You can feel the frustration and rebelliousness in every word. She’s totally fed up, and honestly, who can blame her?

The Message

In the lyrics, this is the song of a woman worn down by criticisms and pressures, bombarded with messages of inadequacy – too this, too that, never quite enough. But I should say she is a real table flipper here, embracing her true self with a fiery stance. She says her right to celebrate her body, her desires, and to let her ‘freak flag fly’ with no reservations.

The lyrics push some boundaries for her, but they’re artfully done. I had no idea one could create lyrics about this subject, to empowering your own sexy self no matter what social media says, but here we are. Each line is a great mix of boldness and seduction, something to let you ignite your own rebellious spirit by. And I feel like this is a great track which is call to arms for anyone who’s ever felt constrained by society’s narrow definitions of how to exist as well.

You can pick up the track now at this link.

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