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Spotlight Album – ‘Mixed Feelings’ – Dragg

jtpao 04/12/2024

Folk N Rock Highlight Album &#8211 &#8216Mixed Emotions&#8217 &#8211 Dragg In today’s album highlight, I&#8217ll be looking into Dragg’s most current presenting, “Mixed Thoughts,” introduced by means of Pretty Decent Tunes. This history is a deep dive into the artist’s individual tale through the highs and lows of romance and […]


Spotlight Album – ‘Media Hack’ – The McKenzie Fix

jtpao 04/11/2024

Folks N Rock Spotlight Album &#8211 &#8216Media Hack&#8217 &#8211 The McKenzie Take care of Today’s highlight shines on an album that’s not just a breath of contemporary air—it’s a gust of creative ingenuity. “Media Hack” by The McKenzie Deal with, fronted by the proficient Ewan McKenzie, stands out as a […]

mk.gee kimmel dc


Mk.gee dazzles on Kimmel, headlines DC’s Howard Theatre in May

jtpao 04/11/2024

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Spotlight – EP Part 1 From The Pink Pandemic

jtpao 04/10/2024

Folks N Rock Spotlight &#8211 EP Aspect 1 From The Pink Pandemic Now I&#8217m likely to be taking a appear at the debut EP from The Pink Pandemic. It&#8217s a genuine gem which is equally lighthearted and laden with that means. It’s a unusual locate in the indie scene, the […]

fuerza regida 2024 tour


Fuerza Regida Announces “Pero No Te Enamores” 2024 Tour

jtpao 04/09/2024

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