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Watch Out And Watch This – A Look At All For Metal’s ‘Valkyries in the Sky’

jtpao 05/19/2024

Folk N Rock
Watch Out And Watch This – A Look At All For Metal’s ‘Valkyries in the Sky’

All For Metal has just released a brand new single and a very striking music video for their track, “Valkyries in the Sky,” which is now available on all major streaming platforms. This track is the first single off of their upcoming album, “Gods of Metal,” which is going to be released on August 23, 2024, via Reigning Phoenix Music.

About the new track, Antonio comments:

All For Metal is coming stronger than ever, and this time we brought some friends with us, Laura from Burning Witches and Tim from Induction! We were waiting for this collab for far too long.” Vocalist Tetzel, adds, “The legendary Valkyries themselves will headbang to this song! All For Metal is back, and we will not stop – so watch out!

The track kicks off with a thundering percussion that’s like that of a storm far beyond the fjord that’s about to break. And folks, this is All For Metal, so naturally, the guitar work is going to be all kinds of awesome as expected. And let’s talk about that extra jolt of thunder of said storm that  Tim Hansen from Induction brings to the table. It’s like he’s channeling the fury of a Norse god with every strum. COME BACK TO THIS LINE

Then there are those subtle strings in the background, adding a bolt of  cinematic sophistication that elevates the whole experience. And speaking of subtle, the atmosphere of this track feels like the very soul of the song to me.  An eerie, unsettling aura winds through, like the haunting whispers of Valkyries circling a battlefield, selecting the next hero for Valhalla. It’s a subtle presence, lurking in the shadows, yet its weight is undeniable. I’ve said this before, but All For Metal really know how to set a great tone.

Antonio’s vocals come in strong, soaring like a banner caught in the gale of battle, a bit raw but absolutely has that classic heavy metal style we all know and love. It really sets up for what we get from this track —pure, unadulterated metal magic. And when Tetzel steps up, he brings that unmistakable edge, like the seasoned warrior who’s seen it all and still stands tall. And I mean, there’s a reason I’ve always referred to this dude as the final boss of heavy metal.

Then, enter the guest Valkyrie of the band, Laura Guldemond, taking the reins with the pre-chorus and chorus. Seriously, we all know Laura’s range is out of this world. She can take it from holding the power of the quiet woods just before dawn breaks, or make it as wild as a berserker charging into battle. The chorus of this track is a beast. I’m telling you, it’s got this gravitational pull that just hooks you right in. This, is going to play very well live.

I mean it just hits with this force of a war-axe—undeniable and full of fire. It marches right in and plants its flag. I got a feeling that a crowd won’t be able to help but join in, their voices rising in unison on the ‘watch out!’ with horns in the air. Ursula and Jasmin always tear it up on the guitar, throwing out those lighting bolts with their fingers.  And now, with Tim adding his flair into the mix, it’s like the trio has summoned a storm of epicness.

So, the track is kind of like an anthem that celebrates these Valkyries doing their thing. It’s like hovering above, watching over the chaos of the fight, deciding who’s earned a one-way ticket to Valhalla, the hall of the heroes. The chorus is catchy, as I said. “Watch out! Valkyries in the sky!” It’s like a heads-up that they’re close by, doing their job, and it’s also a bit of a nod to the fighters, like saying, “Give it your all, and you might just get noticed.”

The lyrics have this vibe of respect for the warriors and the Valkyries alike. It’s along with the clash and clang of the battle, it’s about the honor of being chosen for something greater after you’ve given it your all. It’s pretty cool how it captures that feeling of being part of something epic and timeless.  It’s just a song that rocks the whole warrior spirit and the mystique of the Valkyries, without getting too stuffy about it. It’s got that perfect mix of respect for the legends and a bit of that heavy metal edge.

As the summer heats up, All For Metal is gearing up for a packed schedule, hitting stages across the scene and festival circuit. You will have plenty of opportunities to catch them live, with dates scheduled, so make sure to check out the full list below for a show near you.

In tandem with the release of “Gods of Metal,” the band is offering fans some pretty cool items, limited edition collector’s items. Only 500 copies will include a special statue, CD, Digipack, and an exclusive patch perfect for adorning your battle vest. For those looking to snag these collectibles and other unique bundles, keep an eye on the link provided below.


18.05. IT Trezzo sull’Adda (MI) – Adunata
21.-23.06. LT Ukmergė – Kilkim Žaibu
07.08. ES Villena – Leyendas del Rock
15.-17.08. CZ Moravský Krumlov – Rock Castle
16.-18.08. CH Cudrefin (VD) – Rock The Lakes
22.-24.08. Haddeby – Baltic Open Air
23.08. Hamburg – All For Metal Cruise SOLD OUT
24.08. Hamburg – All For Metal Cruise
04.-05.10. Geiselwind – Monster Festival
14.-21.10. ES Mallorca – Full Metal Holiday SOLD OUT
28.-29.12. Runkel – No Sleep After X-mas Festival

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