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Zebrahead Releases New Song “I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings”

jtpao 06/27/2024

Folk N Rock
Zebrahead Releases New Song “I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings”

“In their self-declared third era, Zebrahead have the shininess of a brand-new band, and it’s thrilling to see.” — Kerrang!

The Orange County, CA-based punk-inspired rock outfit Zebrahead has been busy since the release of EP II. They have been playing shows across the globe, with studio sessions in between, and will be rolling out an onslaught of new music well into 2024. The first single release from the upcoming EP I, “I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings,” is fast-paced and aggressive, yet extremely melodic, and will have you singing along on the first listen. Hear “I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings” here – I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings (lnk.to)

Punk rock mainstays Zebrahead are vocalist/rapper Ali Tabatabaee, vocalist/guitarist Adrian Estrella, bassist Ben Osmundson, drummer Ed Udhus, and guitarist Dan Palmer.

Zebrahead has built a global community of friends and fans that are there for each other, and this song taps into that support with lyrics such as, “These are the nights we will remember, with the friends we can’t forget. When asked about the new song, Osmundson said, “Super excited for the world to hear ‘I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings.’ It’s been a rough few years, and it’s now time to cut loose and hopefully have some fun. A song about remembering that as bad as life may feel at any moment in time, we are not alone; there are plenty of people out there feeling that same pain.” Udhus chimes in, “After hearing this song you’ll be shaken, not stirred.”

A new song will be released every five weeks, culminating in the release of the I EP on November 13, the follow-up to the III & II EPs, which were released in 2021 and 2023.

“By wetting the appetites of their loyal fan-base, it’s only a matter of time before these road warriors are back at the forefront of the discussion as the ‘Comeback Artist of the Year.’” — Chorus.fm.

Since their inception, Zebrahead has shared highs and lows, sold over 2.5 million albums to date, and currently have over 640,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. They have survived label changes, earned a Grammy nomination, and through it all, nonstop touring and mayhem ensued across the globe.

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