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Spotlight Track: “Comfort In Knowing,” – Relentless Pursuit

jtpao 06/07/2024

Folk N Rock
Spotlight Track: “Comfort In Knowing,” – Relentless Pursuit

Relentless Pursuit has dropped an absolute banger of a track and announced his debut EP, “To Fear Is To Live,” will be hitting the scene this July 4th. For those of you who’ve been following my reviews, you know I’ve been a huge fan of his work, and this is easily my most anticipated EP of the year. So let’s dive right into “Comfort In Knowing,” the first single off the upcoming release. And folks, let me tell you, this one is something special.

Sometimes, the best songs are the ones that don’t mess around. They skip the drawn-out buildup and just punch you right in the face with a blast of pure energy. That’s the kind of instant gratification you get with “Comfort In Knowing.” From the first few seconds, this track kicks in with this like quick power metal like hit, that gives a jolt of adrenaline. It’s a welcome change of pace, and it’s been awhile since I’ve heard a track that just got straight to the point.

And that initial power metal-esque riff that kicks things off blasts into a full-blown avalanche just a few seconds in. Deep, guttural growls emerge from the abyss, a monstrous counterpoint to the quick little riff opener. The guitars take a satisfying drop, their distortion levels cranked to eleven, all fueled by a relentless, neck-snapping beat that pounds away in the background like a battering ram. I mean, this track is like a textbook example of taking a sharp turn.

The vocals kick in, a guttural roar that’s as brutal as it is melodic. And that’s the magic of Relentless Pursuit right there – he somehow manages to blend those two seemingly opposing elements into a sound that’s both aggressive and accessible. It’s a strong sign of his skill that he can lean so heavily on melody while still maintaining that intense, visceral energy.

This makes his music incredibly digestible for new listeners or those who might be hesitant about heavier genres. He’s a gateway artist, a bridge between the mainstream and the underground. You can share his music with friends who might not typically be into harsh vocals, and they’ll still find something to enjoy. It’s heavy, yes, but it’s also undeniably catchy, with hooks that burrow into your head and melodies that soar above the chaos. Relentless Pursuit executes this balancing act flawlessly, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice brutality for catchiness.

Shortly into the first verse, something unexpected happens: the chaos takes a breather. The intense energy momentarily subsides, simmering down to a steady heartbeat. A super-catchy guitar melody emerges from the murk, its clean tones cutting through the distortion like a beacon of light. It’s a surprisingly peaceful moment amidst the mayhem, a brief luminous pause that showcases that textbook versatility I was talking about.

It’s this duality, this ability to seamlessly shift between brutality and serenity, that makes “Comfort In Knowing” such a compelling listen. To me it’s like finding beauty within the chaos, and this melodic interlude is the perfect embodiment of that concept.

Towards the end of this section, a haunting, atmospheric seeps over the track, its ethereal quality almost angelic in nature. But just when you think the melodic lull might lull you into a false sense of peace, the demons come roaring back.

The brutality returns in full force, the guitars unleashing a torrent of distorted fury, the drums pounding like a war march, and the vocals descending into a guttural growl snaps right back. I guess even in the midst of beauty, darkness always lingers, ready to reclaim its territory. And my gosh, this is a masterclass in storytelling and tone in a song.

Around the halfway mark, at about one minute and 30 seconds, the song takes a turn. Imagine stepping out of a convenience store bathed in the glow of neon lights, the warm air of an 80s summer night hitting you. You hop into your Camaro, the engine roaring to life, and cruise down a moonlit coastal highway, the vibrant nightlife of the retro scene flashing by in a blur.

That’s the vibe this section conjures, a surprising yet fitting interlude in the midst of a metal maelstrom. He’s craft a multi-faceted soundscape, one that can shift from brutal to beautiful without missing a beat. But that’s just what this section feels like to me. In reality, it features a spoken word part that could be interpreted in multiple ways. You can imagine it as my 80s joyride scenario, or perhaps a wizard casting a spell atop a mountain. Either way, it’s another layer of depth in an already deep track.

And then comes the guitar solo, a glorious eruption of melody that channels the spirit of classic 80s heavy metal ballads. It’s a soaring, emotive moment that feels both nostalgic. Finally, the track fades out, leaving behind a lingering sense of wonder. A gentle piano melody emerges, a final touch of elegance that brings “Comfort In Knowing” to a close. It’s a fitting end to a song that’s full of surprises.

As for the song itself, “Comfort In Knowing” is like this heartfelt expression of spiritual yearning and despair. It speaks of a deep longing for connection with a higher power, a desire for solace and guidance in the face of overwhelming darkness. And yeah, there is this sense of vulnerability and helplessness, as he grapples with their own mortality and the fragility of the world around them. There’s a plea for divine intervention, a desperate hope that even in the midst of chaos and destruction, hope remains.

Now look, I’ve seen countless reviews and social media posts gushing about a new song being the “absolute best” from a band. It’s a common tactic, a way to hype up a release and get fans excited. And hey, I get it—it’s all part of the game. After all, you’re never gonna see a band come out and say, “Yeah, this one’s a little mediocre.”

But sometimes, you stumble across a track that truly lives up to the hype, a song that genuinely blows you away. And that’s exactly how I feel about the latest offering from Relentless Pursuit. This isn’t just me trying to sell you on something; this is my honest opinion. This track is, hands down, my favorite from Relentless Pursuit to date.

It’s absolutely incredible, and it’s got me incredibly stoked for their full album release in July. If you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed. And for fans trying to get into the more heavier stuff in metal, here you go.

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