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Spotlight EP: ‘Fall From Grace” – Message From A Raven

jtpao 05/15/2024

Folk N Rock
Spotlight EP: ‘Fall From Grace” – Message From A Raven

As a lifelong metal head, I’m always on the lookout for new bands that grab my attention. Message from A Raven, a rising metalcore outfit, has done just that with their debut EP, “Fall from Grace.” Their music is a great example of  blending heavy, hard-hitting elements with soaring melodies.

This balanced duality creates a listening experience that feels like these guys really are brining something new. One moment, you’re being pummeled by bone-crushing breakdowns that beg for a mosh pit, and the next, you’re swept away by soaring guitars.  This seamless back-and-forth showcases the band’s versatility and songwriting chops.

Whether by design or happy accident, Message from A Raven has delivered something truly unique. Their distinct sound sets them apart from the pack and I must say and made a pretty big impression on me. With that said, let’s take a look into a track-by-track breakdown of this awesome EP.

For those familiar with my reviews, you know I’m a huge advocate for music that sets a specific tone or atmosphere. It’s a subjective experience, of course; what resonates with me might not connect with you, and that’s perfectly fine. Once music is released into the world, it becomes a personal journey for each listener.

For me, the opening track, “Fall From Grace,” immediately transported me back to my high school days, hunched over a keyboard, lost in the dark world of Diablo II. The unnerving atmosphere established by the raven’s call and the pounding thunder of the drums is simply impeccable. When the strings join in, followed shortly by the vocalist’s harsh cries, it’s a sound that’s nothing short of phenomenal.

The aggressive overlay that kicks in later in the song adds another layer of intensity that’s just fantastic. I can’t praise the guitar work enough – that killer riff, working in tandem with the drums and percussion, is absolutely awesome. Now, I believe this was the band’s debut single. It’s also my first time listening to their work, and I was blown away. This is good stuff, folks. Really good.

This song seems to be about a deeply personal struggle, a journey from despair to empowerment. He awakens to a harsh reality, well aware that he’s in a state of rock bottom and seemingly endless suffering. I mean, after all, we’ve all been there. Yet, amidst the pain, there’s this feeling t rise above the circumstances.

The song speaks to maybe a broken relationship, one that’s left the him wounded and disillusioned. And you bet there is betrayal, a realization that they can no longer carry the burden of someone else’s downfall. And really I feel that this is about wanting to break free from toxic ties, to shed the weight of past traumas and embrace a newfound independence.

There’s a shift in the song, a turning point where he chooses to shoulder their own burdens and confront their demons head-on. I think this kinda of self-reliance, and  refusal to be defined by the failures of others is something that can speak to a lot of us. It’s a song about reclaiming one’s life, finding strength in vulnerability, and ultimately, discovering freedom from the shackles of the past.

The second track, “Reckoning,” comes in strong with an infectious energy that makes you want to jump into the pit and mosh. That opening guitar riff is a force to be reckoned with. But this band is full of surprises, as you’ll soon find out once you give this a spin. The vocal work here is a standout, with growls that are both aggressive and perfectly executed. The delivery of lines like “brings joy to me” takes on a melodic, almost traditional heavy metal feel, yet maintains an aggressive edge – a unique touch that adds to the band’s allure.

The guitar work continues to impress on this track, expertly blending metalcore foundations with unexpected melodic flourishes that hint at power metal influences. The technicality on display is incredible, mixing in a sound that’s both aggressive and fun. What a way to describe a band. ‘ Aggressive, and fun.” Message From A Raven seems to offer the best of both worlds, a sound that’s distinctly theirs yet feels new and just, different. It’s not so much a fusion of genres as it is a refinement, a unique take on what metalcore can be.

Now this song seems to go into a lot of emotions of vengeance and retribution. It’s like you get this burning desire for justice, relentlessly pursuing someone who has wronged them. The lyrics give off this sense of unwavering determination, an unyielding pursuit of retribution. And it’s almost like he  revels in the anticipation of his target’s downfall, finding a twisted satisfaction in their impending reckoning.

There is a deep-seated anger, a hatred that fuels the his actions. They see themselves as an instrument of justice, their wrath a force to be reckoned with if you will. And there is no room for doubt; there’s no escape from said pursuit, no mercy to be found. It’s a dark and intense picture of vengeance, a chilling reminder of the destructive power of anger and the depths to which it can drive someone. And oh yeah, it’s back by song sweet guitar work.

The final track, “Edge of Insanity,” opens with epic, soaring guitar work that feels really cool. However, the song quickly shifts, taking a more somber turn that sets a brooding atmosphere. This melancholy doesn’t linger for long, as the track soon erupts into a hard-edged, aggressive sound. This back-and-forth continues throughout the verses, creating a dynamic tension that amplifies the lyrical content.

The growls are heavy and intense, but they’re punctuated by occasional clean vocals, especially on alternating lines, creating a nice little contrast. The guitar work is both hard and soaring, culminating in a nasty, heavy breakdown that segues into a melodic power metal-style solo. This unexpected twist works incredibly well, adding another layer of depth to the song’s already impressive sound.

And this song deals with all the emotional turmoil of a shattered relationship, particularly focusing on the lingering effects of trauma and betrayal. There is almost this longing for what once was, a need to revisit shared dreams and recapture a lost innocence. Yet, there’s also a painful awareness of the harsh reality, the realization that the other person has walked away, as if it’s overwhelming. Sort of like a sense of confusion, disbelief, and a struggle to reconcile the past with the present.

I can confidently say that Message From A Raven has delivered something I haven’t heard in a long time. Their music strikes a balance between crushing heaviness and soaring melodies, both delivered with equal intensity. The harsh vocals and growls are perfectly executed, while the instrumental work is both intricate and powerful.

This is the kind of band that will appeal to both the seasoned metalhead and the newcomer alike. The music is complex enough to satisfy the discerning ear, yet accessible enough to draw in those less familiar with the genre. The overall sound is simply incredible.

Even though “Fall from Grace” is just a three-track EP, it’s completely blown me away. I’m  anticipating what this band has for us next.

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