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Kobra Paige Releases New Single, “Dreamer”

jtpao 06/07/2024


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Kobra Paige Releases New Single, “Dreamer”

Man, Kobra Paige has been ensuring we’ve been eating good lately. Gotta say, I feel like we’re getting a little spoiled. Just a few weeks ago, she released that absolute banger of a jaw-dropping, steamy track, “Hott” (by the way, go add that to your playlist and listen to it now). And now, there’s another song that she has just put out for us on this new Music Friday. You can check it out here.

“Dreamer,” her newest offering, continues the theme of self-healing explored in her previous track, but takes a decidedly different approach. This one’s much softer, yet still retains a bit of an edge, particularly during the chorus.  And I love how these singles were released fairly close together. It’s a great duality hearing the more Sultry ‘Hott’  then the more calming style of ‘Dreamer.’ Overall, it’s creating a yin-yang dynamic when paired with her previous single. All darkness has a little light, and all light has a little darkness.

“Dreamer” opens appropriately with a bit of dreamy tone perfectly aligning with the song’s title. Shimmering guitars give off this almost ethereal atmosphere, letting Kobra’s entrancing, calm vocals to take center here. I have to say her voice is a prominent force throughout the track, delivering a beautiful vocal melody on the verses while taking things to 11 a bit later on.

A shift then comes in as the intro progresses, with deeper tones adding a touch of weight. The shimmering guitars, which initially held the spotlight, now intertwine with other instruments. As the song builds towards the chorus, the full instrumentation blooms, and now you have this rich and textured arrangement.

Now, I’m sitting here, basking in the sun’s warmth as I listen to this track. It’s a nice day – clear skies, a gentle breeze, and not a hint of humidity. Eyes closed, I’m just lying back and soaking it all in. Thinking man, this is a seriously beautiful track. And then, the chorus hits. Which kinda woke me up out of this trance. It’s a moment that instinctively brings out the horns – that pinky and index finger combo – as a subtle touch of Kobra’s metal side comes out to bite.

It’s not an overwhelming surge or a massive drop, but a powerful jolt that adds a tiny and cool little edge to the song. And that’s such a really cool section, the chorus. It’s a powerful moment, both lyrically and musically, that really hits hard. The subtle introduction of the harsher elements elevates the chorus, making it even more impactful.

Even as the chorus unfolds, a tiny detail in the background got my attention. It’s a transient sound, almost subliminal, that’s hard to pinpoint. It might be a synth effect, but to my folk-metal-loving ears, it bears a striking resemblance to the haunting wail of uilleann pipes. It’s a subtle touch, but one that injects a almost like this dose of Celtic mystique into the song.

Before digging deeper into the lyrics, I have to give a big round of applause to Kobra and Timo for their exceptional songwriting on this track. It’s pretty impressive how they manage to pack so much meaning into just a few words. Take the line “shine your light, let your way be revealed” for instance – it’s a simple phrase, yet it strikes a powerful chord with its message. As someone that really loves to dissect lyrics, I really enjoy it when there’s a few lines that can say a lot, with just 6-7 words.

And I have to say, this is a really powerful song. While the instrumental mix is top-notch, it’s Kobra’s vocals that truly shine. The emotion she pours into each line is evident. There are no flashy solos here, or even needed, just heartfelt lyrics and Kobra’s moving delivery. Every second of this 3-minute-and-40-second track is packed with beautiful words and singing.

The first verse gives off this childlike dream state, a wanting to be back during simpler times before the weight of adulthood settled in and how you saw the world around you. It’s a feeling I can definitely relate to – why would I want to deal with the monotony of buying toothpaste and paying bills when I could be playing Super Nintendo, blasting Judas Priest on a boombox, and reliving the carefree days of summer on a slip n’ slide?

The chorus introduces the “precious child” as a metaphor for the purest form of love, a force that has the power to heal and guide. I think it takes a deeper meaning here, suggesting that this inner child’s spirit is the essence of untainted innocence, calling us to embrace our inner purity and navigate the harsh realities of the world.

And speaking personally, here’s where this song hits me. As a kid, I loved to create. Art, music, whatever – it didn’t matter if I was good at it, as long as I was having fun. But as I got older, those teenage years hit, and I started becoming a total perfectionist. My fun projects turned into a source of stress, because nothing ever felt “good enough” or “finished.” Looking back, it’s clear that this mindset wasn’t healthy. It was becoming maladaptive.

And it’s a hard habit to break. As a kid, building a Lego pirate ship was all about fun and imagination. A few upside-down pieces? No big deal, it was just my own quirky take on a masterpiece. But as a perfectionist adult, I can see how that same task would become a frustrating ordeal. I’d be obsessing over every tiny detail, striving for laser-focused accuracy, and wasting hours – time that could be better spent on, well, adulting.

But this song, for me, is all about relighting that creative spark, or ‘lighting my fire’ and tapping back into that carefree, inner-child mindset. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to let go of the pressure to be perfect and just enjoy the process of creation. Though the song doesn’t necessarily talk about becoming an artist, it’s about allowing ourselves to dream and imagine freely, even in the face of hardship.

It’s been a real treat to experience these latest singles from Kobra. The variety showcased in her work is impressive, and it’s refreshing to see her explore themes of healing and personal growth in such a genuine and relatable way. This isn’t just music to rock out to, or get lost in, it’s music that speaks directly to the heart, offering solace and inspiration. With more new material on the horizon later this year, it’s exciting to see where Kobra is going next. I, for one, am eagerly anticipating what she has in store for us.

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