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Crimson Veil Drops Dystopian Music Video for ‘Flinch’

jtpao 05/23/2024


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Crimson Veil Drops Dystopian Music Video for ‘Flinch’

Dark alternative metal outfit Crimson Veil has emerged from the shadows with their debut single, “Flinch.” The track serves as a nice little preview of what’s to come on their upcoming album, Hex, set to be unleashed on September 20th via Reigning Phoenix Music. Fans can pre-order or pre-save Hex now.

Vocalist aesthete Mishkin Fitzgerald comments about the track saying:

Flinch’ is about the end of the world. As humanity, we are careening into a mass extinction due to our own choices and a lot of the time it feels like there is nothing that will stop it.

In a world on the brink of collapse, a voice emerges, both a part of the chaos and yet standing apart. It’s a voice that captures the strange feeling of being both caught up in the end of the world, and yet strangely comforted by it.

The song takes us on a ride, not just through a dying world, but through the emotions of the people who live there. It’s about the things that make us human – regret, struggle, small wins, and big losses. It’s about trying to find meaning even when it feels like the story is already over.

Ultimately, this song is a reflection of ourselves and the world around us. It makes us think about what we’re made of when everything falls apart, and what we leave behind when it’s all over. It’s a reminder that even at the end of the world, there can be beauty in destruction, and we always have a choice in how we face our final moments.

“Flinch” is a wild ride for those who like their music with a bit of depth. It’s a song that swings between moments of intense energy and blissful release, switching between the two without missing a beat. The song starts off with classical strings that pull you in, then explodes into heavy guitar riffs and deep growls. But just when you think you know what to expect, it takes a turn into a dreamy soundscape, eventually building to an awesome guitar solo. The drums keep everything moving along perfectly, while the vocals switch between soft and powerful.

“Hex” – Track Listing:

01. Hex
02. Ribbons
03. Flinch
04. Shift
05. Illuminate
06. Opulence
07. Joyless
08. Awake
09. Task

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