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Always Winter’- Cultt Of She’s New Lyric Video Speaks To The Pain Not Saying Anything

jtpao 05/17/2024

Folk N Rock
Always Winter’- Cultt Of She’s New Lyric Video Speaks To The Pain Not Saying Anything

Happy New Music Friday, everyone, and Cultt of She has bestowed upon us a brand new lyrics video for their track, “Always Winter.” Now, this one struck a chord with me, and I’m eager to go into why, because I’m pretty sure it will likely hit with you as well.

Have you ever found yourself pouring your heart out in a text message, only to hit backspace over and over until those words vanish into the digital ether? Maybe you weren’t ready to voice those thoughts at that moment, or perhaps the timing wasn’t right. Maybe you revisited that message days, weeks, or even a year later, trying to find the right words again.

This track goes headfirst into that universal experience—the words left unsaid, the truths we swallow, and the pain that can fester when we fail to speak our minds. “Always Winter” is an unflinching look of the consequences of burying our emotions and the importance of honesty, even when it’s terrifying.

The track opens with a coll little illusion, as if a tape is being rewound. This effect, combined with the gradual emergence of the guitar, makes for a real sense of anticipation, like a countdown ticking away in the background. By the 20-second mark, this tension erupts into a full-blown, metal maelstrom.

For those who have followed my previous coverage of Cultt of She, you know I’ve always been enamored with their masterful guitar work, and vocals. But I also need to comment on how much I love the drum patterns. “Always Winter” is no different, delivering a powerful combination of that kept me in all the moments of the song. The guitar riffs are razor-sharp and electrifying, while the drums pound with a nice energy . This is Cultt of She at their finest, really showing off what they can do, and why I love this band.

Something really cool and interesting about “Always Winter” is the way it incorporates an old school, early pop punk vibe. There’s a sort of chugging rhythm that harkens back to the roots of pop punk, adding a nostalgic touch to the track. The vocals, as always, are spot on and sound wonderful here.

This consistency in hitting all the right notes is why I’ve been so drawn by Cultt Of She since I first discovered them. It’s hard to believe it’s been at least half a year, or maybe even longer—actually, it might be well over a year now. This track embodies everything I’ve come to love about the band.

That punk rock essence really shines through in certain vocal lines, supported by the band’s energetic backing on a few of the deliveries. One of the standout moments is right before the chorus, where we get a solid pound on the drums followed by a brief silence. This pause creates a dramatic tension that bursts in well on the mix.

And again really the heart of this song is about the struggle to communicate deep feelings, especially when those feelings are laden with pain and regret. It’s about the frustration and anguish of wanting to speak your mind but being unable to find the right words or the right moment.

The song is about the aftermath of a relationship where one party has departed, leaving the other grappling with the void left behind. You have a bit of desperation and helplessness, as you wrestle with the thoughts and emotions you wish you had expressed. This feeling is compounded by the realization that, despite your efforts to appear strong and unaffected, the absence of your significant other has left a lasting impact.

I love Winter here as a way to put it. The theme of winter symbolizes a period of emotional coldness and darkness, underscoring the depth of despair. This metaphor highlights how the absence of the loved one creates an unending season of bleakness, where warmth and light seem unattainable.

And again, I can’t say enough positive things about this band. Every single time they release something new, I find myself rocking out to their work all over again. Cultt Of She has been consistently amazing me since I first discovered them about a year to a year and a half ago.

I have to give a special shout-out to the drum work on “Always Winter.” It’s truly phenomenal and adds so much depth to the track. So, make sure to check out “Always Winter” on your New Music Friday playlist. This song is incredible.

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