Kineya Kichisaburo Memorial Concert

At Aratani /Japan American Theatre in Little Tokyo. Sunday June 8, 2:00 p.m.

News Release:

Kineya Kichisaburo Memorial Concert
At Aratani /Japan American Theatre in Little Tokyo. Sunday June 8, 2:00 p.m.
Tribute concert of Kabuki music and dance for late Master Kineya Kichisaburo will be held in coming June at the Japan America Theatre.

Noted nagauta ( traditional kabuki music) musician, Master Kineya Kichisaburo earned his professional name at the age of 17 and started work as a professional shamisen player and singer. He performed in the Kabuki theater in Tokyo before coming to the United States. His father, Toyotake Homaredayu was a famous Gidayu player with Bunraku theater of Osaka. He was invited by Bunraku Kyokai of USA to teach Gidayu in the United States. Kineya Kichisaburo came to Los Angeles in 1968 at the request of his ailing father. Since then he has been teaching and performing Nagauta music in the United States.

He has helped more than 20 of his students attain professional status under his instruction. He had a regular radio program of Nagauta in the local Japanese radio station for 10 years. He helped perpetuate the art of Japanese traditional music through his performance and teaching in the United States for over 35 years. Just last June, the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center honored him with the President Award which is given to significant cultural contributors. He was notified about the award but he passed away before the award ceremony.

His departure was really a big loss to the Japanese traditional performing arts community in Los Angeles. In tribute to him the Nagauta Toei-Kai (students of Master Kineya Kichisaburo) together with Japanese American Cultural and Community Center will present this special concert. Many noted Los Angeles traditional performing artists coming together for this efforts.

Special guest appearance of Katada Kisaku who is Japan’s Living National Treasure is expected to this Memorial Concert and other prominent Nagauta musicians from Japan will join Toei-Kai. Expected local artists participating are Fujima Kansuma dance troupes, Fujima Fujisumi (dancer), Masakazu Yoshizawa ( shakuhachi), Hiromi Hashibe (koto), Katada Kikusa (hayashi).

The late nagauta master, Kineya Kichisaburo, will be paid tribute at a special memorial concert to be so-sponsered by the Japaneese American Cultural and Community Center and the Toei-Kai, the association of his students on Sunday, June 8, 2P.M. at the Aratani Japan America Thertre.
Adding prestige to the concert are artists from Japan, including Katada Kisaku, the Living National Treasure percussionist; prominent nagauta singers Kineya Sakou and Kineya Saetaka; noted shamisen musicians Kineya Saeiji and Kineya Saito; and flutist Fukuhara Hyakka.

This program was partly funded by the Japanese Traditional Performing Arts organization and the Los Angeles County Arts commission with funding from the National Endowment of the Arts

General admission tickets are $25 and $22 for JACCC members and groups of 10 or more and students. To purchase tickets by phone cal the box office at (213) 680-3700 from noon to 5 pm. except on Sunday.


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