The Japanese Traditional Performing Arts Organization was founded in 1992 to preserve and promote Japanese traditional performing arts in the Untied States. Traditional performing arts have had a difficult time surviving in this are and a conscious effort is needed to hand down tradition art forms to future generations. It is a non-profit tax exempt organization under 501(c)3. It is an umbrella organization for all the Japanese traditional performing arts groups in Los Angeles. Its activities are to present & produce performances including lecture to acquaint general audiences to traditional performing arts. At the same time we will provide opportunities for master artists of the traditional performing arts to showcase their works. Usually artists from Japan are invited to perform along with local artist. This stimulates and helps develop an artistic level of overseas artists comparable to those of their native lands. JTPAO also provides easy access to education and training to assure the continuation of Japanese traditional performing arts by providing workshops and Artist in Residence type programs.

Mission Statement

To preserve and promote appreciation of traditional Japanese performing art in the United States of America.

To protect traditional artists’ rights and assure adequate compensation for the artists’ works.

To assist in development of an artistic level of excellence in the traditional performing artists in the United States.

To educate the general public about Japanese traditional cultural arts and contribute to cultural awareness and participation in the community.

To provide opportunities to work together and build cooperative relationships among the traditional performing artist.

We received funding from the California Arts Council. Fund for Folk Culture, California Community Foundation, City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, County of Los Angeles Music & Performing Arts Commission, Japan Foundation and Center for Global Partnership of Japan.

To learn more about the JTPAO, please e-mail us at mikko@jtpao.org